College of Counselling Studies

Welcome To The College of Counselling Studies

Offering a learning experience which leads to a better understanding of yourself and others.

The idea of training counsellors in the New England/North West of NSW came about  because people believed that the best way to have counsellors who understand the stressors of rural living and who do not leave, is to train the people who live in the country, without them needing to leave the country to train. Hence the idea of training local people locally. The College provides training which allows local people, who understand local issues, to study and then counsel in their own communities.  The CCS course enables the student to develop a professional identity and master the skills and knowledge to counsel effectively.

The counselling qualification provides recognised training which is accredited across Australia. It is designed to equip students to be effective as counsellors within a supportive organisation. Many graduates are employed in local welfare services and counselling centres in small and larger rural centres.

The College also offers short courses which enable anyone to learn counselling skill sets without enrolling to study a Diploma course. These courses can be constructed to meet the needs of an organisation or workplace.


The College of Counselling Studies will provide professional training for counsellors that is both rigorous & practical.


The College of Counselling Studies currently has positions vacant on our Management Committee. Position Description HERE