The College of Counselling Studies (New England/Northwest) Inc. is working in a partnership arrangement with Anglicare NSW South, NSW West and ACT (Trading as Anglicare College) to offer the Nationally Accredited Diploma of Counselling Studies from the Community Services Training Package CHC08.  Students will be enrolled through The College of Counselling Studies.

Course qualifications: CHC51015 DIPLOMA OF COUNSELLIING (CHC08 Community Services Training Package).


(Refer to the Student Handbook for further information) Student handbook

  • The Counselling training is accredited and leads to professional qualifications
  • The course resource materials have been developed to equip graduates to meet a range of client needs
  • Rural and remote delivery ensures emphasis on community issues
  • The College allows students to study at home to gain knowledge and skills
  • Students are supported through local tutorial sessions each month
  • Opportunities are provided for students to attend 100 hours of face to face training each year at tutorials and residentials
  • Practical training and support are delivered by experienced counsellors, tutors and assessors at the tutorials
  • Tutorials currently run in Tamworth, Moree, Inverell and Armidale (Tutorials may be arranged in other centres)
  • Two Residential Practicals are held each year for those who live at a distance from a tutorial group
  • Local tutors and assessors are available to provide student support
  • Regular contact with students is offered through the newsletter which provides information about the what’s happening in the College as well as relevant extra courses which are being conducted
  • Library facilities and a bookshop are maintained so that student can access texts and materials from the College as well as other sources
  • Follow-up practical experience for Diploma graduates can also be provided in the Course’s Internship programme which is offered through a partnership with Anglicare Northern Inland



The course consists of 17 Units which are in groups called Clusters. Generally each Cluster contains 2-3 units. At present students are eligible to apply for Government Smart and Skilled funding. If eligible for this funding the cost to students is reduced. Fees are kept at a similar level to those of other counselling courses which is around $10,000 for the full amount.

Fees can be paid by EFTPOS, Credit card, cheque, or direct debit. Fees may also be paid in instalments over the period of study by direct debit.


Students of CCS NENW may apply for relevant Government support.


In order to enrol prospective students should download and complete the enrolment form and send it to:

PO Box 3764
Tamworth NSW 2340

And phone 02 6762 0844  for an appointment with the Principal