Pre-Enrolment Package – CHC51015

CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling

COURSE TO COMMENCE – February 2023


The College of Counselling Studies (New England/Northwest) Inc. (RTO 45909) offers the nationally accredited course in the Diploma of Counselling from the Community Services Training Package.  

Course qualification: CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling   

Before you progress to complete an enrolment application with us, we ask that you first review important pre-enrolment information to ensure that you are informed about the services we offer and your rights and obligations as a student with the College of Counselling Studies.

To request a pre-enrolment package to be emailed to you:   Request Pre-enrolment Package

Pre-enrolment Package:

Please read the following Pre-enrolment documents:

Course Information Brochure:      Course Information Brochure

Student Handbook:  Student Handbook

Fee Schedule:             Fee Schedule


Having reviewed these documents, if you would like to seek an enrolment with the College of Counselling Studies, we ask that you print and complete the attached copy CCS Student Enrolment Application, scan and email to: [email protected].

CCS Student Enrolment Application:  Student Enrolment Application


The course consists of 17 units which are in groups clustered into eight (8) clusters over a 24 month period.  The full cost of the Diploma course is $7,600 (includes $400 enrolment application fee).  Payment plans are available. * Course fee includes the ‘Know Yourself Course” (KYC).

*The Know Yourself Course is designed to unlock one’s inner potential.    It is highly recommended that students enrolling in the Diploma of Counselling attend this course as it takes students on a powerful journey of self-discovery and self-development.

To find out more information, contact the College of Counselling Studies on (02) 6762 0844.