Examples of careers where these skills would be useful are:

  •    Parents and Partners
  •    Health Workers
  •    Clergy and Community Workers
  •    Teachers, Team Leaders and Supervisors.


The courses can be adjusted to any workplace circumstance:

  •     Large and small organisations
  •     Sporting groups
  •     Government Departments
  •     Volunteer organisations

Courses Available:

Know Yourself Course – Brochure

This course is for those interested in self-discovery towards personal growth.  

Themes: Just About Me;   Relating to One Another;  How I React to Conflict;   Working in Groups

Listening Skills – Brochure

This course teaches you the skills to be a good listener. Good listening helps enhance relationships both at work and home. 

Conflict Management – Brochure

This course provides an opportunity to learn some of the exciting theory and practice around using conflict to bring resolution

Managing Difficult Conversations –  Brochure New Course

Learn how to have that difficult converstation.  In this course you learn to speak up and be heard.